Infinite Possibilities

Hook and Loop Fastener with Japan Quality

Infinite Possibilities

Hook and Loop Fastener with Japan Quality


HOOK FASTENERS with Japanese Quality

Woven Mushroom Hook
Standard-height Piles

Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Standard-height Piles[1H2]

Woven Mushroom Hook
Strong, Higher Piles
Applied acrylic adhesive to the back of 1H2

Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Standard-height Piles[1C2C]

Woven Mushroom Hook
Higher Piles
[1H2 HR-4, 5, 6]

Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Higher Piles[1H2 HR-4] Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Higher Piles[1H2 HR-5] Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Higher Piles[1H2 HR-6]

Woven Mushroom Hook
Strong, Higher Piles
Special hook for abrasives and polishing pad materials

Woven Mushroom Hook Strong Standard-height Piles[1H7]

Woven Standard Hook


Woven Standard Hook[1K2]

LOOP FASTENERS with Japanese Quality

Napped Loop (Warp Knitted) Wide type[2A3]

Napped Loop (Warp Knitted)
Wide type


Napped Loop (Circular Knitted) Wide type, Mohair tone[2K3]

Napped Loop (Warp Knitted)
Applied acrylic adhesive
to the back of 2A3

Napped Loop (Circular Knitted) Wide type, Mohair tone[2K3]

Napped Loop (Circular Knitted)
Wide type, Mohair tone



Strong Combination of
Mushroom Hook and Napping Loop
[1H2 x 2A3]

Strong Combination of Mushroom Hook and Napping Loop[1H2 x 2A3]


MUSH LOCK! Combination of both mushrooms[1H5 + 1H6]

Combination of both mushrooms

[1H5 + 1H6]

Strongly Binding Band[1H2LAB-S]

Strongly Binding Band

Infinite Possibilities

Hook and Loop Fastener with Japan Quality



Self-developed polypropylene yarn that promises high functionality.

In-house Whole Manufacturing Process

Weaving, dyeing, raising, cutting, and special processing (such as adhesive processing) are all integrated in-house.


Strictly inspecting strength and durability of the products.

Environmental Conservation

Effluent treatment that meets strict environmental standards and measures based on the blessings of nature.

  • Continuous weaving for 60 years, continuous dyeing for 60 years. That's our track record.

  • Enriched in-house manufacturing capability including value-added processing.

  • Technology development capabilities that we have acquired over many years of experiences and that enable innovative creation.

  • Steady trust by existing customers and track record because we continue to focus on quality.

  • Product line widely covering from consumer to industrial use.

  • Mushroom hook (hard type) boasts 7 times the strength of our general product comparison.

  • Various mushroom hook fasteners that can be combined with other material ones.

  • A wide range of products are also available.

Let’s check and see the process to manufacture
Bell-Touch all in our own mill,
our attitude to eco and to our customers as well.

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Infinite Possibilities

Hook and Loop Fastener with Japan Quality


Abrasive and Polishing Machine

Hook-and-loop fasteners that are strong enough to withstand high loads.

Automotive Interior

Strong hook and loop fasteners that constitute safety and security.

Tunnel Civil Engineering Materials

Applied to NATM (New Austrian tunneling method), where it plays an active role as materials that contributes to shortening the construction period.

Variable Angle Partition

Ultimately, one-touch connection.

Bell-Line top image

Huh? Don't you know yet?
Reusable, Convenient,

Easy to stick to artificial turf,

Bell-Line product image

Can be cut freely.

Bell-Line product image


Bell-Line product image
Bell-Line product image

Can be used repeatedly,

Bell-Line product image

Environment friendly.

Bell-Line product image

Not only for sports
but for various uses.

Bell-Line product image

It depends
on your ideas…

Bell-Line product image

Infinite Possibilities

  • Simply place and press on the artificial turf, then you can easily draw a line.

  • Simply peel off and roll up, then you can easily erase lines.

  • Possible to easily cut however long you want.

  • No residue after removal and you can use it repeatedly.

Developing, In-house whole manufacturing process, Sales

Aerial view of the company building

Shinwa Co., Ltd. is proudly well-known in its raising process. In addition to the high-quality hook and loop fastener "Bell-Touch", we are expanding into various products such as synthetic leather base fabric, clothing (innerwear, sports lining, etc.), bedding, furniture, and interior decoration.

The processing technology of the high-quality hook-and-loop fastener "Bell-Touch" was acquired from KANEBO Corporation in 2005, and established in an in-house whole manufacturing process.

Now we are the top manufacturer of hook and loop fasteners for industrial materials (hard type) in Japan and exporting to countries around the world.


We aim to be a company for customers and that they need.
We aim to be an honest company that is trusted by our customers.
We aim to be a company in that the efforts of our employees are always rewarded.


Shinwa Co., Ltd. implements the following activities
with the participation of all employees in order to further improve quality and the environment conservation
throughout the manufacturing and sales business:

The Quality Target of This Year

・Yield targets in processing and manufacturing

1. A-level pass rate:
2. Rework rate:
3. Return rate:
4. Deadline:
 100% delivery within the deadline

The Environmental Goals of This Year

・Prevention of environmental pollution


Pollution source prevention, compliance with regulation value and further improvement.

2. Industrial waste:
10% reduction to the previous year
3. Power usage:
10% reduction to the previous year
4. Gas usage:
10% reduction to the previous year



Climate Change
Countermeasures (CO2 reduction)

We strive to save energy in our mill, improve manufacturing efficiency, and recover and reuse waste heat.


Establish Recycling-based Society

a.Conservation of water resources

We conserve water and clean the water we discharge by reducing the burden of wastewater treatment.

b.Waste reduction

  • (1) We promote upcycling of waste textile.
  • (2) We promote recycling by thoroughly sorting waste.
  • (3) We promote the effective use of wastewater sludge.



  • a. 

    We promote the development of antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-corrosion materials.

  • b. 

    We promote the development of products that contribute to reducing environmental load.


Developing Human Resources and Creating a Satisfactory Workplace

We provide employees with opportunities to learn through corporate activities and promote work style reforms to create a satisfactory workplace.


Partnership and Local Contribution

  • a. 

    We deepen cooperation with disabled facilities and provide opportunities for disabled people to play an active role.

  • b. 

    We will promote SDGs activities with people in local communities and also promote cross-border partnerships.


Company Name :
Shinwa Co., Ltd.
Location :
1147 Yasu Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture, 520-2342, JAPAN
Established Date :
2 December, 1963
Capital :
99.8 million JPY
Number of Employees :
Representative Director :
Mitsugu IMAI

Certified Company

Infinite Possibilities

Hook and Loop Fastener with Japan Quality

Inquiry and RFQ

Please be free to inquire any questions on Bell-Touch and Bell-Line,
any other products of ours, and our company activities. Your RFQ is also welcomed.
We will reply by email within 2 working days.

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